• Lucy McEachern - Pied Heron
  • Nadine Dudek - Eagle Strike
  • Barry Mousley - Corrangamite Water Skinks
  • Evan Neokli - Travelling Companions
  • Sandra Temple - Red On A Rainy Day
  • Highly Commended Sue Rochford - Penny For Your Thoughts
  • Steve Morvell - Face of Beauty
  • Lynette Orzlowski - Standing Proud


Paul Margocsy workshop and demo Oct 2014 07 smaller 

 Paul Margocsy demonstration and mini-workshop October 2014


Victorian  winewine label in jpeg supplier Goodwill Wine, has become a friend of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and is selling wine to help raise funds which will enable us to build our exhibition program for the future.
The business, set up by David Laity and Ali Rees, sells high quality wine sourced from independent wineries across Australia which proudly bears a label to honour a chosen charity.    When you purchase wine, Goodwill Wine will donate 50% of the profit from the sale to the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia.

Click here to see the wines available and consider a purchase.   Your support will assist WASA support Australian artists,  who support Australian art product suppliers, framers and more……..