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Many WASA artists are highly accomplished professionals who share their skills and knowledge.
If you need an art specialist to assist at your event or art group, or you may be interested in classes or private tuition, go to teachers/demonstrators  page.
Some of the artists have Open Studios and  galleries so you will be welcome.
Fiona Anderson
Meredith Atkinson
Ruth Ault
Paul Baker
Marloes Bakker-Marsden
Monika Barbian

Jenine Bell
Daisy Claridge
Alison Clark
Elizabeth Cogley
Judy Cohn
Katherine Cooper
Pauline Dewar

Jane Dingwall
Janette Doyle
Nadine Dudek
Beverley Ednie, Life Member
Katrina Gavaghan
Darren Gilbert
Kate Goodman
Carol Gorenko
Christelle Grey
Rachael Hammond
Patrick Hedges
Mel. Hills
Lorna Hobbs
Denise Illing
Beverley J Irwin
Robyn Jenkins
Ralph Keller
Kym Kilpatrick
Elena Kolotusha
Sandi Lear
Kathy Lewis
Cathy McClelland

Chris McClelland
Beverly McKay   Canada
Karin McKee

Ainsley McPherson
Nicole McTaggart
Paul Margocsy, Life member
Kelvin Mather, Life Member

Janet Matthews, Life Member
Paul Melrose
Rosemary Morgan
Evan Neokli
Barry Mousley
Lucienne Noontil
Andrew Oates
Lynette Orzlowski
Yvonne Overton
Velda Palazzi
Abigail Parker
Angela Parr 
Ian Pascoe

Vida Pearson
Kris Peter
Stephen Powell

Ji Qiu
Nicola Reif   N Z
William Ritchie
Prue Sanchez
Sue Schreiber

Rodger Scott
Nicky Shelton

Jess Skepper
Peter Trusler
Justine Ulmann
Richard Weatherly, Life Member
Tony Weston
Dario Zanesco